"If penguins wanted to fly, they'd probably join us."

We believe, very strongly, that new societal demands, in the form of globalization and instant access to masses of information, require a swift and resolute shift of focus - from traditional teaching to self-reliant learning - in all fields of education. Our mission is to promote self-reliant learning to learners, teachers, educational institutions, companies, organisations, and policy makers in the field of English language training and human growth.
Self-reliant learning

We guide learners towards advanced learning strategies and sound working habits in a unique process, based on The Seven Keys To Self-reliant Learning.

We produce tests, materials, learning guides, and study plans for self-directed English language studies in a creative on-line environment.

We provide services for individual learners as well as for schools, universities, corporations, and organisations.

For EFL/ESL teachers, this is the ultimate way of individualizing their teaching at the same time as their students gain confidence and more effective learning strategies and better working habits. 


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Company background

ForumEducation has been on-line since 1998. Thanks to feedback from many dedicated teachers and their students, we have developed ForumEducation into a resourceful and inventive company, and we have shifted our focus from serving teachers with tips and ideas to providing quality tests and course materials for individualization, based on the test-taker's test results and our vast experiences of classroom studies and hands-on practice in the field of self-reliant learning.