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punkt If you think that your English is a serious matter, then this community is for you.
punkt If you're willing to test your English and act on your test results, then this community is for you.
punkt If you want to join others who think that learning is important, then this community is for you.



"Dear friends, we've come here today to learn to fly."

Why should I sign up?

punkt You get your English professionally tested
punkt You get valuable feedback on your test results
punkt Your test results include a "doctor's prescription" course, with everything you need for real improvement
punkt You learn to learn, which improves your results in other subjects too
punkt You interact with other cool learners and get real-life practice
punkt You join a new generation of global citizens and get in contact with people and learning materials that may change your world

"You have to learn to walk first, my son."
How do I get things going?

  1. Register
  2. Take the tests
  3. Get results and feedback
  4. Get your course plan
  5. Open your course room
  6. Start learning
  7. Interact with others
  8. Enjoy your progress

If you are a serious learner, ready to use your test results for new goals and new achievements, there is no reason in the world why you shouldn't succeed.

"All learning happens in the head of the learner, so it is your motivation and your action that count."

"Things certainly do happen here, Rupert!" 
Can I just take the tests?

Sure, you can just take the tests and sign out.

Your test results are first of all meant to give you a very reliable indication of your level of English. However, they are also used to (automatically) generate your personal course plan, and we are quite sure that you won't sign out without taking a good look at the direction staked out (suggested, shown) for you and all the materials you are welcome to use.

In all honesty we also want to tell you that test scores are used for research purposes, but your name, or any other trace of your person, will never show in the statistics.

"Taking a test is one thing, acting on the result is quite another."

"Jump Sarah, there's a lot of fish down there."
What else can I do in the community?

There are a whole lot of things besides taking tests and working your way through the course materials.
punkt If you are a teenager, you are welcome to join GlobalTeenagers - with the focus on understanding and improving the world
punkt If you are planning to go to university, join Self-reliant Learning and become a super learner
punkt If you want to pursue a special interest, start an action group
punkt If you want to read interesting books, join a book circle
punkt If you are a teacher, start digging in a goldmine

"Are you sure this is a good place for a football pitch, Einstein?"
How do I sign up?

There are two ways of signing up:
punkt Register as an individual
punkt Register with a group (school class, university institution, etc.)

Why not talk to your English teacher about having your own on-line classroom?

You can click your way to the test and registration page at the bottom of this page.

"No tricks needed. It is so simple."

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